Feb 28, 2024

The Ticking Time Clock on Vanquishing Hamas

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

It was just a matter of time. Once Israel’s War Cabinet said “go” on Oct. 8, the day after the bloodiest and most grotesque attack on the Jewish homeland in its history, the timer on this latest war with Hamas started.
Feb 21, 2024

Still Waiting for an Arab Apology

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Here’s my recommendation to actress and disability activist Selma Blair: Fire your agent and publicist, immediately. You have received awful, but predictable, advice from your handlers. Straight out of the woke playbook of a spineless, soulless entertainment industry. 
Feb 11, 2024

Welcome to Gotham

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Welcome to Gotham. If you look up into the gloomy sky, you will notice the Bat Signal. Yes, it’s meant for the Caped Crusader, and not the Wuhan Lab.