Nov 18, 2023

Blasphemy, Fatwas + Jihad!

White Rose Magazine

THE language of Jihad is confined to the spreading of terror. It is not an invitation to a debate or civil discourse of any kind. It forsakes the presentation of ideas in favor of mob veto, the silence of intimidation.
Nov 13, 2023

Art and Belligerency Off-Broadway

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Desperate times call for degenerate measures. For American Jews, this would be a good time to call upon Phillip Roth.
Nov 8, 2023

Kristallnacht, Act II

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

In an ordinary year, this week, specifically the days November 9 and 10, would call to mind Kristallnacht—the night of the broken glass. Given the grotesque carnage in southern Israel on October 7, global Jewry is today mindful of a brokenness far worse than glass—the confidence of their place in the world, which far too many had believed was secured.