Dec 26, 2022

The Real Woke Jews

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

As members of the progressive Jewish left continue to raise their fists while marching on behalf of movements that largely hate Jews and really despise Israel—Black Lives Matter, especially, but alarming elements within the LGBTQ community, virtually any campus-wide crusade, and, of course, the remnants of Occupy Wall Street—a beachhead of cultural pride and resuscitation has been erected this week in lower Manhattan at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.
Dec 13, 2022

A Hitler Makeover

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Whomever is handling publicity for Adolf Hitler these days is, admittedly, doing a nice job. After all, since 1933 the world’s most notorious homunculus has always been treated like an unmentionable monster, a historical leper, incurably too far gone for spin doctors.