Nov 29, 2022

Dear Santa

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Dear Santa: Let me begin by acknowledging that I am a fully grown man and a Jew, so you are under no obligation to take my Christmas wish list seriously. After all, I am not your regular clientele.
Nov 9, 2022

Et Tu, Brooklyn? Why This Should Be the Last Place for Jew Hatred

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

Of all the wasted breaths these past few weeks devoted to Kyrie Irving’s tirade against the Jewish people—”Did he take responsibility?”; “Why is he acting like the victim?”; “Was the released statement actually written by him?”; “Should the NBA have acted more quickly and decisively?”—the one item that has not been mentioned, but that may be the most important indictment against this morally obtuse and ignorant point guard, is that such vile Jew-hatred cannot, must not, be allowed in Brooklyn.