Oct 30, 2022

Tom Stoppard Reveals His Jewish Self in “Leopoldstadt”

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

There is no small amount of irony in Tom Stoppard’s latest play, “Leopoldstadt,” dazzling audiences on Broadway at the same time when America’s streets are convulsing in antisemitic mayhem.
Oct 26, 2022

Wasted Ballots and Towering Baseballs

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

It’s a good thing we have the mainstream press to thank whenever antisemitism pervades our politics and culture. When Jews are in trouble, rest assured that the media will shine a light and blare those sirens.J
Oct 11, 2022

The Kind of Atonement That Can’t Be Fasted Away

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

With rising antisemitism now a worldwide phenomenon—manifested in appalling acts of violence and a casual acceptance of defaming Jews in impolite company—and with the gates already closed on Yom Kippur, now might be a good time to suggest making next year’s Day of Atonement a global holiday.