Jul 18, 2022

Will Biden Wind Up on the Right Side of the Abraham Accords?

Jewish Journal Of Los Angeles

“Today,” says Joe Biden, “I am a fountain pen.” Yes, that proverbial bar mitzvah gift that Jews once gave male children upon their reaching manhood in America. A curious present for a rite of passage. All those pens should have resulted in more stationary stores than Jewish doctors.
Jul 4, 2022

The Rotting Big Apple

Jewish Journal Of Los Angeles

Welcome to New York, the “City That Never Sleeps.” Of course, it’s not for the reasons that phrase once held so much cultural currency. Nowadays sleeplessness is caused by a dramatic increase in crime and deadly violence. When people find themselves surrounded by urban menace, it’s a good idea to keep one’s eyes open at all times. A lot can happen in a wink.