Feb 28, 2022

Ukraine’s Jewish Problem

Jewish Journal Of Los Angeles

This past week Iran, and most assuredly, Ukraine, dominated the headlines and the Situation Room inside the White House. And, as it happens, both have a sordid history when it comes to Jews. Iran’s ayatollahs continue to threaten Israel with erasure from world maps. The Biden foreign policy team—smug bottom feeders from Foggy Bottom—continue to return to Vienna in hopes of reviving the 2015 Iran Deal. Iran is always thrilled to see Americans returning to the suk where they pay retail and negotiate with as much discipline as a Kardashian.
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Feb 22, 2022

Feminism + Justice

White Rose Magazine

BEFORE Alice Sebold became a bestselling, critically acclaimed novelist (the film The Lovely Bones was an adaptation from her first novel of the same name), she signaled her arrival as a writer with an important voice and compelling tale, as evidenced by her memoir entitled, Lucky.
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Feb 14, 2022

Jewish Westerns And Peddler Power

Jewish Journal Of Los Angeles

America has never quite known how to differentiate Jews from the other “huddled masses” who found refuge in the United States. And there has been so much mixed-messaging.
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