Mar 22, 2021

The Melting Of The American Melting Pot

Jewish Journal Of Los Angeles

A century ago, during the dark days of the Spanish flu, a time when it was not politically incorrect to associate an epidemic with its place of origin, Americans had a much tougher time sheltering at home. For starters, there was no Internet, social media, Netflix, Peloton, TiVo, cable or even basic TV. Even radio was a nascent, novel industry. Binging on books, newspapers and magazines was all there was to occupy the mind.
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Mar 12, 2021

Free Speech & Social Media

White Rose Magazine

THE great irony—if not outright fraud—of the Internet is that it is a digital highway without speed limits. That’s true, of course, until the summonses show up. Users then learn of restricted access and banned accounts. Some receive lifetime sanctions, others mere probation.
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Mar 7, 2021

The Raging Of Cancel Culture Is A Threat To Us All

Jewish Journal Of Los Angeles

I am afraid it’s much worse than we realized. Our nation is terminally divided, and unlike the Civil War, this time it is not but one single issue that separate us. This is a deeper division, one that transcends even politics. It is a foundational fight, a culture war writ large, a disagreement without end.
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