Apr 28, 2017

Palestinians Are Rewarding Terrorists. The U.s. Should Stop Enabling Them.

Washington Post Sunday Outlook Section

When President Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in February, stepping into the fray of the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he expressed his opinion on the one- or two-state solution by saying, “I can live with either one.” Trump will meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas this coming week. One item that ought to be on the agenda is a scarcely known feature of civic life in the West Bank: monthly salaries and lump-sum payments to terrorists. Without apology or shame, and yet in conflict with the Oslo Accords and professed aspirations for peace, the Palestinian Authority is running a bounty system. Payments to terrorists and their families are enshrined in Palestinian law, provided for in the Palestinian Authority budget and indirectly supported by foreign aid.
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Apr 7, 2017

Rebranding The Palestinians

Jewish Press

Everyone knows that to get noticed in this world, one must develop a brand that is instantly identifiable. The logo or word can mean only one thing; all other competitors get pushed aside. A new American president was catapulted into office largely on the strength of his brand name.
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