Aug 4, 2016

Israel, It’s Not You–it’s Them

Times Of Israel

Some Jewish progressives once again find themselves in writhing agony over Israel and its litany of misdeeds against the Palestinians. Two recent essays in Haaretz assiduously condemn Zionism, singling Israel out as a source of shame for Jews who can no longer tolerate a lone democracy wedged into a region where stoning women, torching homosexuals and beheading journalists are not crimes but hobbies, and where life is made miserable for anyone who doesn’t long for the stone age of the last Caliphate.
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Aug 1, 2016

Six Types Of Lawyer Movies

ABA Journal

When it comes to films about the legal system, spoiler alerts aren’t necessary. For the most part, there’s little ambiguity about where a law film is going—no real surprises, few cliffhangers and not much in the way of romance. Movie lawyers are not unlike their real-life counterparts: Long days of reviewing documents and writing briefs are not conducive to getting the girl, or guy.
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