Aug 28, 2015

Dear Mr. President

Tablet Magazine

Hollywood loves a good showdown, and Congress is now hosting one. In this drama, however, the lawmen get duped. The hoedowns are shakedowns. Riding off into sunsets is ruined by mushroom clouds.
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Aug 1, 2015

Why Hollywood Loves Lawyers

ABA Journal

Academy Award-winning actress and Harvard heartthrob Natalie Portman announces that she has signed on to do a biopic on the life of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and law lovers everywhere come to a halt—Bluebooks drop in mid cite-check, throats go dry at oral arguments, billable hours stop for a minute (actually, just a second), and court watchers turn off Judge Judy and long for selfies with the glamorous Portman dressed in a black robe.
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