Aug 4, 2014

The Anti-semitism Sweeping Europe

Jerusalem Post

Despite appearances, Europe is not the back lot for a summer horror film in which Jews fear for their lives, with chants of Death to the Jews, Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas, Hitler was Right, juxtaposed against the faint echo of a similar soundtrack that consumed the continent not too long ago. Such scenes are available for viewing on cable news and the Internet. But this is no movie, not a War of the Worlds media stunt but rather a full-blown pogrom in progress. All of it is in real time, the actors aren't acting and the violence doesn't require special effects. The scenes are not moving toward a happy ending, either.
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Aug 1, 2014

The Two-state Solution–sans Gaza Strip

Times Of Israel

Now that a 72-hour ceasefire is in place (actually, it was only for a few hours), both sides can take a momentary pause. Hamas will no doubt reload (it already has), but Israel has an opportunity to rethink. Using the next three days wisely might end up with an entirely different calculus in achieving peace with the Palestinians. Original thinking is not the strong suit of Hamas. Their patterns of behavior are pretty predictable. Blasting rockets, discharging bullets and exploding bombs is the national anthem of the Gazan government. Who can possibly think amid all that noise If it doesn't go boom, the leaders of Gaza lose all their bearings.
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