Aug 9, 2013

Mad Women: The Rise Of The Mental Screen Heroine

Daily Beast

American culture is undergoing a dramatic shift in how it likes to see its heroines portrayed on TV and in film. Gone are the days of Mary Tyler Moore, Rachel and Monica, and the fun-loving, heart-of-gold Sex in the City girls. In fact, both men and women are painted in the most unflattering of lights on the small screen these days. We've got philanderers and serial killers, bipolar ice queens and small-town drug dealers. While the results can often be dramatically exhilarating, our attachments to these characters can get downright confusing. Harkening back to that Simon & Garfunkel song, it's no longer just Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio' the same now hold true for Mrs. Robinson herself. We've seen her kind before, but the women on TV and in film today aren't evil they're mental.
Aug 1, 2013

What Makes “bleak House” Great?

ABA Journal

Everyone knows that among novelists and storytellers, Charles Dickens always does it better. And even when it came to the law especially the injustices, absurdities and flat-out futility of the Court of Chancery, Dickens was like a mischievous court stenographer scribbling away with painfully hilarious depictions of the legal system at work.
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