What a dizzying week it has been for Apple shareholders. (Full disclosure: I am one of them.) Its share price has soared from bushels of bullish earnings, with a $13.06 billion profit for just its fiscal first quarter. It sold 37 million iPhones and 15.4 million iPads over the holidays, doubling its performance from the same period last year. Coinciding with the giddy news of Apple gadgets booting up and blinking all over the world was a disturbing report from The New York Times detailing the human cost of producing all those iPhones and iPads not here in America, but in China. These costs, borne by laborers in industrial cities such as Chengdu, are off the books, so to speak, since they occur in factories owned not by Apple but by its manufacturers the vast supply chain that assembles and shines all of its products. There have been explosions and deaths at a few of these factories. And many of the workers, allegedly, are subject to hazardous and brutal workplace environments without proper safety protections.