Apr 27, 2011

On 50th Anniversary Of His Trial, Eichmann’s Case Still Brands Israel: Transformed Young Country Into State With An Activist Holocaust Agenda


The early 1960s was more than simply the revelry of TVs "Mad Men." It was also a time when international justice held court, and a certifiable madman found himself at the center of the world's judgement. In 1961, a young American president read James Bond novels, while high-stakes espionage dominated popular culture and fed global anxieties. Neighbors suspected one another of being double agents. Meanwhile, down in Argentina, Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi with the most Jewish blood on his hands, was one of those neighbors leading a double life. One day, while living in a suburb of Buenos Aires under an alias, Eichmann was spirited away from his street, drugged and dressed up as an El Al flight attendant and smuggled to Israel to stand trial. Suddenly, the CIA and the KGB had competition. The Mossad and Shin Bet, Israel's secret intelligence agencies, instantly became the new rage in cloak-and-dagger.
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Apr 12, 2011

Sidney Lumet: The Prince Of New York City

Huffington Post

Sidney Lumet died this past weekend. By now, with news cycles spinning like centrifuges, Lumet's death will soon be old news. That would be a shame. This is one of those losses that should linger for a little while longer, and surely not be forgotten. This is actually my second Sidney Lumet remembrance. Sidney Lumet was my friend, and that's what friends do for each other, especially when one of them is gone.
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Apr 11, 2011

Why Sidney Lumet Fought The Law

Wall Street Journal

Legendary New York film director, Sidney Lumet, who had been nominated for five Academy Awards before winning one for lifetime achievement in 2005, died this past Sunday at the age of 86. He directed over 50 films and another 200 teleplays during Television's Golden Age in the 1950s, but for many he will be remembered most for his iconic films about the legal system: "12 Angry Men," "The Verdict," "Daniel," "Find Me Guilty," "Night Falls on Manhattan," along with his television series, "100 Centre Street."
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