Aug 3, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque And The Freedom From Pain

Huffington Post

More treasured than baseball and apple pie, more admired than George Washington and even the winners of American Idol, America's greatest love may be the First Amendment. Among all the amendments to the Constitution, it is by far the best known. And despite its relative brevity, it seems to embody all the symbolic freedoms that distinguish America from the rest of the world
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Aug 1, 2010

Farewell, Atticus

ABA Journal

By any conventional measurement, Atticus Finch was actually a terrible lawyer. He took on an absolutely unwinnable case that he, in fact, knew he couldn't win. He received no fee for representing Tom Robinson, and ended up paying for the privilege of a lost and uncompensated cause by accepting the scorn of his community and only narrowly escaping a lynch mob. His children were mercilessly taunted at school, yet one of the reasons why he took the case was purportedly for their benefit, he said that he couldn't parent them if he didn't represent Tom Robinson. Huh? Some people just don't take good notes in law school.
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