Saving Free Speech … from Itself

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Praise for Saving Free Speech … from Itself:

“In this book, Thane Rosenbaum explores whether the United States is best served by unlimited speech—extended even to terrorists of the left and right, as well as other enemies of the open society—or whether certain restrictions on the 1st Amendment are necessary for a free society to not be subverted from within.

With a strong grasp of constitutional law, case law, and a keen interest in genuine freedom of speech, Rosenbaum has written an important book that will likely prove controversial to many. His questions and proposed remedies are ones that all those interested in freedom of expression should take seriously. As a free speech absolutist, this has given me great food for thought.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, activist, feminist, author, scholar, former politician, and a Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University

“Many books, including my own, celebrate the degree to which American First Amendment law provides more protection for more speech than anywhere in the world. Saving Free Speech … from Itself vigorously offers a forceful and provocative contrarian view that takes issue with much established First Amendment law in a robust and arresting manner.”

Floyd Abrams, Longtime First Amendment attorney and author of The Soul of the First Amendment

“This book will make you think and re-think your positions on free speech—regardless of what those were. It may not change your mind; I still disagree with much of it. But for those of us who value free thought, expression, debate and dissent, Thane Rosenbaum’s thought-provoking challenge to current First Amendment norms should be especially welcome.”

Nadine Strossen, New York Law School Professor, former American Civil Liberties Union National President, and author of HATE: Why We Should Resist It with Free Speech, Not Censorship

“This is a brave, incisive book that smartly challenges much of what we take for granted about the First Amendment.”

Scott Turow, the author of two works of non-fiction about the law and 13 bestselling novels, including Presumed Innocent and the The Last Trial to be published by Grand Central in May 2020

“[its] fresh perspective[] [is] a welcome contribution . . . well-presented and instructive…compelling.”

–Washington Post