Mar 30, 2021

Chauvin Murder Trial–Day 2 Of Prosecution’S Case

Brian Barnhart Show, Champain, Illinois, News Radio
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Mar 18, 2021

Free Speech And Social Media

KDKA, the Rick Dayton Show
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Mar 13, 2021

Lockdowns And The Constitution

Newsmax with Tom Basile
Mar 11, 2021

Cancellation Culture

Newsmax with Gregg Kelly
Mar 10, 2021

Qanon Criminal Case And Congress Looks To Federalize Elections

Mar 9, 2021

Biden Executive Order On Voting Rights

Mar 8, 2021

Calls For Andrew Cuomo To Resign

Mar 7, 2021

FOLCS Film Series: “(In)Visible Portraits”

With Ogbe Egbuonu, Tiny Perry, Joy DrGruy, Iyanla Vanzant, Victoria Cassinova
Mar 6, 2021

Andrew Cuomo’S Legal Matters

Mar 4, 2021

FOLCS Film Series: “Mlk/Fbi”

With Sam Pollard, Benjamin Hedin, and Annette Gordon-Reed.