Jan 25, 2021

Senate Impeachment Trial–Supreme Court

NewsMax with Bob Sellers and Heather Childers
Jan 25, 2021

FOLCS Film Series: “No Man’S Land”

With director Conor Allyn and actor, screenwriter Jake Allyn
Jan 23, 2021

Senate Impeachment Trial–Jurisdictional Issues

NewsMax with Tom Basile
Jan 23, 2021

Senate Impeachment Trial–Political Risks

NewsMax with Heather Childers and Steve Cortez
Jan 18, 2021

Presidential Preemptive Pardon Of Himself

Sky News
Jan 16, 2021

Senate Impeachment Trial Against Donald Trump

Newsmax with Tom Basile and Mark Halperin
Jan 16, 2021

Trump Impeachment Constitutionality

Newsmax with Tom Basile
Jan 12, 2021

Impeachment, Incitement, And Social Media De-Platforming

Jan 12, 2021

Free Speech, The President’S Speech At The National Mall And Social Media Deleting Of His Accounts

The Leonard Lopate Show, WBAI
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Jan 11, 2021

Capitol Protest And House Articles Of Impeachment

Jan 9, 2021

25th Amendment And Articles Of Impeachment

Newsmax with Tom Basile
Jan 8, 2021

Siege On The Capitol And The Final Days Of The Trump Presidency

Jan 6, 2021

Joint Session Of Congress Debates On The Electoral College And Protests Outside The Capitol Building

With Tom Basile
Jan 4, 2021

Ted Cruz Congressional Commission On The Electoral College

NewsMax with Chris Salcedo
Jan 2, 2021

Joint Session Of Congress Certification Of Electoral College Votes

NewsMax with Tom Basil William McGinley